Keep My Members - Simple Mail Merge

"I need to periodically send emails to a group of people, but I don't want to send to the whole list at once."

It's not a great practice to send to a long list of email addresses all included in one email. It exposes an indivudual's email address to all others in the list, and can lead to unwanted spam if the email falls into the wrong hands, all too easy with malicious software installed on too many computers.

"I'd rather not pay a monthly fee to an online emailer, is there another way?"

You pay a one time fee to install our software on your pc, and you can use it forever. We use Mailgun as the server that actually sends the email. You will create a separate account with them that allows for 10,000 emails to be sent, without cost, per month.

"I'm not a technical wizard, and don't want to be... can you help me?"

We will give you step by step instructions. Send me an email if you have an issue, we should be able to figure out where the issue is.

Using Mailgun to send up to 10,000 free emails per month

MailGun is a separate service from KeepMyMembers. MailGun allows for a company or a person with programming ability to connect to their service to send email. We think it's a great service.

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Merging your document with a datafile

The basic concept of KeepMyMembers is that you set up various documents that will be merged with data, and sent to your users at appropriate times. Maybe on an anniversary, a birthday, or a holiday. Even better, use KeepMyMembers to send emails to users that are at important decision points. Should I reorder? I need a reminder to visit that site I joined, but haven't returned to. My membership is about to come do, that reminder triggered my reorder.

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Getting the data file

You can create a data file locally on your pc that will be used for your mailings, or write a query that runs on a remote server. Whatever is easier for you.

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